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Cadet Attrition

It is not guaranteed that every candidate who passes the written entrance examination and who subsequently enters as a cadet at the Philippine Military Academy will definitely graduate after four years of study and training.

The Academy is the country's primary military institution and as such, it is tasked to produce the most qualified military leaders for the Armed Forces of the Philippines. And it is because of the nature of its assigned mission that the Academy is compelled to maintain a very high standard of education and military training. Although the majority of the members of a particular class do graduate, unluckily there are also some who don't. There are different reasons for cadet attrition and these are classified according to the following categories:

Academic Deficiency

This is the major cause for cadet attrition. The most common conditions are the following:

Deficiency in Conduct

Cadets are evaluated according to their behavior and deportment. A cadet is discharged for conduct deficiency at the end of a "Conduct Period" if he or she is due to be turned back but has been turned back or discharged during a previous term for reasons other than sick leave or, if he or she obtained a grade below 6.00.

Failure in Aptitude

Leadership abilities and potentials of each cadet are also being evaluated at the end of every term. Failure in aptitude can also occur if the cadet is due to be turned back and has been turned back or discharged during the previous term for any reason other than sick leave.

Personal Reasons

Some of the new cadets are just not able to adjust to the rigors of military training. There are those who experience the difficult transition from civilian to military life. Homesickness, immaturity, poor health, lack of a sense of direction in life, loose of interest, and various other reasons are also attributed to cadet attrition.

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