Academy News Updates and Announcements

Aero Cadets receive an “upgrade” from outgoing LTGEN JEFFREY F DELGADO AFP, Commanding General of the Philippine Air Force

Fort Del Pilar - The Philippine Military Academy Cadet Corps of the Armed Forces of the Philippines, particularly the Aero Cadets (those who are training to become officers of the Philippine Air Force) recently received a state of the art upgrade for its Air Force Laboratory from the outgoing Commanding General of the Philippine Air Force, LTGEN JEFFREY F DELGADO AFP, a member of PMA “SANDIGAN” Class of 1982 last January 09 2016 during his Testimonial Parade and Review at Fort Del Pilar, Philippine Military Academy.

The procurement of the Flight Simulator was realized through the office of the outgoing Commanding General. He initiated the procurement of the equipment which is in agreement with the RA 10349 also known as Revised AFP Modernization Act which aims to modernize all branches of the Armed Forces of the Philippines. This is also consistent with the academy’s Roadmap which is to reach the international standards in producing principled and competent officers by 2028.

The Commandant of Cadets, BGEN ROZANNO D BRIGUEZ AFP, in his interview said, “The Flight simulator cuts the training time by 30-60 percent, it is cost-effective, and it promotes safety among our future pilots of the Philippine Air Force. This will enhance the competence of our Aero Cadets and will significantly contribute to their aptitude as future pilots for the Philippine Air Force.”

The Flight Simulator teaches the cadets of the basics of Flight Training and maneuvers. This brings the cadets who aspire to become pilots for the Philippine Air Force one step closer in earning their wings and become pilots for the modernized Armed Forces of the Philippines.

PMAFI allots P5.1 million pesos for the Fiscal Year 2016 to further improve Academic Instruction for Cadets

FORT DEL PILAR- The Philippine Military Academy Foundation Inc. (PMAFI) headed by CAV ANSELMO S AVENIDO, Chairman visited the Philippine Military Academy last November 21-22, 2015 with the intention of providing continuous development for the teaching personnel of the Academy for both military and civilian instructors. The Foundation commits yearly to the advancement of the Faculty and improvement of facilities. For the past five (5) years, PMAFI has been allotting an average of P5 million pesos yearly primarily dedicated for scholarship grants, research grants, lectures and seminar grants, facility improvement and equipment donation.

With the continuous support that PMAFI has been sharing with PMA in achieving its vision to be of International Standards by 2028, the Academy and the cadet aspirants are ensured of an opportunity for a more competent and knowledgeable faculty that the cadets can best learn from and are guaranteed of up-to-date facilities and learning equipment to prepare them in contributing to nation-building and winning the peace.

The Academy prides itself of having a pool of civilian faculty who will be 100% MA degree holders by 2018. Through the several trainings and scholarships sponsored by the foundation, having a 100% PhD PMA Faculty in the near future is not farfetched.