Academy News Updates and Announcements

The Republic of the Philippines and the United States Financial Management Review headed by Mr. Jim Worm, Director, DSCA/Head of US Delegates and MGEN VICTOR V BAYANI AFP, Deputy Chief of Staff for Logistics, J4, AFP/Head of RP Delegates visited PMA last June 22- 26, 2015 for a 5- day conference. The RP-US FMR is an annual bilateral activity conducted by the AFP and the Defense Security Cooperation Agency (DSCA), the lead agency for the execution of US Security Cooperation Programs, together with the JUSMAG-Philippines, who is responsible for administering US Security Assistance to the Philippines.

The objective of the activity focuses primarily on monitoring and updating the financial status and the development of all security assistance and investments provided by the US Government to the Philippines through the Foreign Military Financing (FMF) Program.

The FMF Program is a critical foreign policy tool of the US that aims to improve military capabilities of key friendly countries to contribute to the international crisis response operations, including peacekeeping and humanitarian crisis.

The Philippines, as one of the eligible partners of the US, is a recipient of its annual grants through the FMF Program: thus, enabling the AFP to improve is defense capabilities and foster closer military relationships with the US.

Korean Community Pays Tribute to Filipino War Veterans

A Korean delegation headed by Park Hyoung Jun, President of United Korean Community Association Northern Philippines and Party visited the Philippine Military Academy on 25 June 2015 to pay tribute to Filipino soldiers who fought during the Korean War in the 1950s.

Upon arrival in the Academy, the delegation proceeded to the Korean War Memorial at Relics Point to render a flower offering in honor of the heroism and gallantly displayed by the Filipino soldiers who were members of Philippine Expeditionary Forces to Korea (PEFTOK).The PEFTOK was a contingent of the United Nations forces during the Korean War.

In the country, there are only three Korean War Memorials built, one found in Relics Point, Philippine Military Academy in Baguio City and the two others are found in Libingan ng mga Bayani at Fort Bonifacio, Taguig City and Marikina City, Metro Manila. The construction of the third war memorial in PMA is a fitting tribute to the graduates of the Academy for their courage in fighting for democracy in Korea.

Captain Conrado Yap a member of PMA Class '43 who fought gallantly and demonstrated valor and bravery during the Korean War and was posthumously awarded the Philippine Medal of Valor,the highest military award for combat. Through the years, PMA produced principled and competent military officers who have placed primacy on duty, courage, integrity and loyalty.

Officers and Enlisted Personnel recognized for their contribution in the PMA 15th Superintendent’s Cup

5 officers and 10 enlisted personnel were recognized last June 22 2015 during the Flag ceremony for their invaluable contribution during the recently held superintendent’s cup at PMA firing range last June 03-07 2015. LT COL NORBERTO P AROMIN JR (CAV) PA, MAJOR JOSEPH JEREMIAS CIRILO C DATOR (MI) PA, MAJ ALLAN M MARGARATA (MI) PA, MAJ RAUL V VERCELES (INF) PA, MAJ MARLON RAY BAMBICO PROF, TSG Gilbert P Bendo (COE) PA, TSG Ernie Lavarias PA, TSG Jayson Tafalla, SSG Michael Bacolod, TSG Greg Rabago, TSG Eliorde Candelaria, PO3rd Banjo Garcia, SSG Arnold Unabia, SSG Robert Periodico, and Sg John Ari Day-em all received the Military Merit Medal.

MSG Gil Quejada PAF (RET), Mr Samson Maguddatu, and Mr Manuel Manansala each received a plaque of recognition for their exemplary contribution and genuine support during the 15th Superintendent’s Cup

Their planning, coordination, range preparation, advertisement, and execution of the conduct of the Philippine Practical Shooting Association Level 3 Australia Qualifier Sanctioned Match, the officers and enlisted personnel qualified them to receive a military merit medal. They played a vital role in the over-all success of the activity. LTGEN OSCAR P LOPEZ, the PMA Superintendent lauded the organizers because despite the huge number of participants and the numerous activities which coincided with the whole process, the activity turned out well and those who organized did not let a single bullet stray from the target.

In the superintendent’s speech during the flag ceremony, he stated, “I believe the gun parts would be fitting substitute to the officers, non-commissioned officers, fellow uniformed individuals who have retired from the service and the civilians from Philippine Practical Shooting Association are the parts of the gun working together during the planning, coordination, range preparation, advertisement, and execution of the five-day 15th Superintendent’s Cup”

The Superintendent’s Cup broke the PPSA record for the past 3 years in terms of number of shooters who participated in an international qualifier match which was participated by 482 shooters from all over the country.

“I've been through hundreds of parades throughout my life. I must say, this parade is the most important of all to me.” – PDDG ESPINA

After serving the Filipino Nation for 38 years, PDDG LEOANRDO C. ESPINA, PNP OIC, addressed the Cadet Corps of the Philippines last June 20, 2015 at Philippine Military Academy, Fort Del Pilar.

In his speech, the PNP-OIC was nostalgic in sharing his experiences as a cadet and how he fondly remembers when he first stepped into the portals of the academy as a young man with 2 years background in college as a medical student in UP. Back then, he has no military background but has the sheer determination to hurdle the challenges of plebehood (freshman year in the academy).

The “boodles”, “take-lifes”, plebe knowledges, recitations during their mess, and 60 repetitions of squat thrusts that he and his mistahs endured and enjoyed during their formation in the academy. He reminded each member of the Cadet Corps that these were all influential in molding him in who he had become today, a true leader worth emulating by every future officer of both PNP and AFP.

He recollects how his upperclass years prepared him for the leader he had become today. “the acquisition of knowledge, physical education, and the enhancement of skills, attitudes and values required by the profession of arms. They made us all better men, a cut above the rest.Our Core values of courage, integrity and loyalty, honor and discipline, stability under pressure, the Honor Code, were all the more instilled in me as I prepared to face the challenges of the future as an Officer and leader of men. With the ideal life given to us here in PMA, I couldn't help but pause for a while with hesitation a day before graduation in 1981 to think, 'what is life going to be out there?” Said Espina.

He boldly declared at the end of his speech that he have lived a most fulfilling life as a selfless public servant. Wishing every cadet of the armed forces of the Philippines and those who would also join the CCAFP to follow or surpass what he has contributed to nation building, law enforcement, and peace and order.

PDDG ESPINA is a member of the DIMALUPIG PMA Class of 1981. He is the classmate of PMA Superintendent LTGEN OSCAR P LOPEZ and CSAFP GENERAL GREGORIO CATAPANG.

During the Testimonial Parade, he was also awarded of the Outstanding Alumnus Award. Friends and relatives of PDDG ESPINA flew from all over the Philippines to witness the ceremony. Sec Mar Roxas of DILG and Gov Mujiv Hattaman, ARMM Governor also attended the event.


Philippine Military Academy now accepts application online

Finally, this year’s application for cadetship to the Philippine Military Academy has been made a lot more convenient and accessible online. Starting today, we are happy to announce that apart from the usual/traditional processing of application through regular mail, aspiring cadets may now visit to access an online application until 15 July 2015. Online application is more convenient and simple since it only requires the applicant to fill out the form online and attach a scanned copy (in PDF format) of at least his/her NSO Birth Certificate and possibly his/her Form 137 to be processed. After which, applicants will just have to wait for the Examination Permit that will be sent to them through email indicating the testing center, the date and other pertinent instructions regarding the entrance examination; including the requirements needed on the day of the exam.

Aside from online application, forms may also be downloaded. This must be completely filled out with proper attachments (High School FORM 137 and the NSO copy of the Birth Certificate) before sending the same through preferred courier services to the Office of the Cadet Admission, PMA, Fort Gregorio H del Pilar 2602, Baguio City.

Applicants are only given one chance each year and slots are very limited; so if you think you have what it takes, visit our website today and find out everything you need to know about how you can be part of this revered institution. Grab the privilege of serving the country and be guaranteed of a progressive career in the noble profession of arms as Officers in the Army Air Force and the Navy.

To reach out to every interested Filipino youth, there will be thirty seven (37) examination centers nationwide and the tentative date of exam, this year, is on 02 August 2015. For more information, interested applicants may call us at telefax (074) 446-8002 or at mobile numbers 0917-896-4299/ 0928-559-7651. You can also reach us through the PMA Liaison Office at Camp Aguinaldo, Quezon City at telephone number (02) 913-6286. (END)