Academy News Updates and Announcements

PMA Hosts Honor System Leaders’ Summit

On August 27-28, the Philippine Military Academy will be hosting this year’s Honor System Leaders’ Summit, gathering the country’s most distinguished people experienced in maintaining national security. This will be attended by the delegates from PNP Academy, Philippine Military Marine Academy (PMMA), Training and Doctrine Command (TRADOC), Air Education and Training Command, Naval Education and Training Command and the Maritime Academy of Asia and the Pacific (MAAP). The event features discussions in promoting the PMA Honor System, the essential mechanism in the molding of men and women from cadets to the leaders of their country’s future. It also aims to address the problems hindering the successful implementation of the Honor system using the insights and knowledge of many years of humble, but noble service.

The Philippine Military Academy is the premier institution with a long history of developing the country’s brightest and fittest officers to serve in the three branches of the Armed Forces of the Philippines: the Army, Navy and the Air Force. Its most famous alumni are Brigadier General Vicente Lim, the WWII hero whose face is memorialized in the thousand peso bill and Major General Paulino Santos who has General Santos City named in his honor.

The event will be conducted at Munasque Theater, Fort Gregorio H del Pilar, Loakan, Baguio City and will be facilitated by Professor Jojet Lamberto R Morales of the Department of the Social Sciences, PMA. The program starts at 8 am and ends at 4pm on the two-day activity.

PMA Hosts 1st Technology Fair to help improve cadet achievement

The Philippine Military Academy held its 1st PMA Technology fair which aimed to enhance the cadet’s appreciation of the latest trends in technology. A series of lectures focused on topics like cloud computing, big data analytics, advanced communication, cyber security, and unified threat management were conducted as part of the 4-day activity on August 17-20, 2015, which were held at Munasque Theater, Philippine Military Academy.

As part of the activity, some of the biggest companies in communications technology were also invited to highlight and discuss their latest and most advanced products in the market today.

In PMA, instructional technology is generally recognized as a powerful means to boost cadet achievement. But for technology to work, curriculum and instructional methods need to be expanded to match the variety and rich learning options that these technologies are making possible. Educators also understand that technology itself has created tools that can assist. They realize that technology is about using simple implements like overhead projector as well as sophisticated software and adaptive hardware, so each learner has an opportunity to achieve. They recognize that technology integration means using many technologies to enhance teaching, learning, and multisensory experiences, providing "a range of pathways for students at varying levels".

First Female Graduates return to PMA to address the CCAFP

FORT DEL PILAR- The Philippine Military Academy through its Department of Leadership, headed by LT COL JULIUS C LIBRADA (CAV) PA, held a leadership forum last August 14, 2015 at Lopez Hall of Leaders. Speakers who were invited were the first female cadets who graduated from the academy owing to Republic Act No. 7192, an act promoting the integration of women as full and equal partners of men in development and nation building and other purposes. This paved the way for women in the Philippines equal access to enter PMA.

CDR MARISSA ARLENE A MARTINEZ PN, LIEUTENANT COLONEL LEAH LORENZO-SANTIAGO (FA) PA, and LTC CONSUELO N CASTILLO PAF, shared their leadership experiences to the members of the CCAFP as officers in their chosen branches of service and how it felt like to be under the observation of men knowing that they will serve as an inspiration and a catalyst of change to all aspiring young women to serve in the military.

The three speakers mentioned that the role of women in the military, particularly in combat, is controversial and it is only recently that women have begun to be given a more prominent role in contemporary armed forces. This is because of the passage of RA 9710 otherwise known as the Magna Carta for Women which clearly states that,

“The State shall pursue appropriate measures to eliminate discrimination of women in the military, police, and other similar services, including revising or abolishing policies and practices that restrict women from availing of both combat and non-combat training that are open to men, or from taking on functions other than administrative tasks, such as engaging in combat, security-related, or field operations. Women in the military shall be accorded the same promotional privileges and opportunities as men, including pay increases, additional remunerations and benefits, and awards based on their competency and quality of performance. Towards this end, the State shall ensure that the personal of women shall always be respected.”

As an endnote, CDR MARISSA ARLENE A MARTINEZ PN said, “let us stop assumptions that women in the military are too strong…too aggressive…isolating and anti-men, we should VALUE OUR DIFFERENCES, HELP EACH OTHER BRING OUT THEIR POTENTIAL AND SYNERGIZE TO HAVE A BETTER ARMED FORCES."

Philippine Military Academy Entrance Examination, a nationwide success

FORT DEL PILAR - A total of 12,493 qualified applicants took the PMA Entrance Exam last August 2, 2015 in 37 different testing centers nationwide. The PMAEE measures the mental ability of applicants in the areas of MATH (Algebra and Geometry), ENGLISH (Grammar, Composition, and Reading and Comprehension) and Abstract Reasoning (Verbal and Numerical Reasoning and Pattern Analysis). This year, only high school graduates and currently enrolled college students were allowed to take the PMA entrance exam. During the previous years, graduating high school students were encouraged to take the exam. However, with the implementation of the K+12 Program, the 4th year high school students of this school year has to take the exam by 2017. Despite this situation, the number of examinees has increased by five (5%) percent.

The increase in the number of examinees can be credited to the assistance extended by the local government units, different AFP command units, local Police, and school officials during the conduct of the Information Drive and exam proper. Among the 37 testing centers nationwide, Baguio City, Cagayan de Oro City and Quezon City had the most number of qualified applicants who were able to complete the Cadet Qualifying Test.

Out of these examinees, a maximum of 1,500 successful passers will undergo the 2nd phase of the selection process (complete medical examination) in becoming a cadet. This will be held at VLuna Medical Center. The Cadet Procurement Board composed of officers from PMA and GHQ will then select 350 courageous men and women who will compose the members of class 2020 and have the chance to render selfless service to the country as an officer of the Armed Forces of the Philippines.

“I never regret embracing the Noble Profession of Arms”- MGEN VICTOR V BAYANI AFP”

The Philippine Military Academy rendered Arrival Honors and Testimonial Parade and Review In Honor of retiring PMA Alumni: MGEN VICTOR V BAYANI AFP, DCS for Logistics, J4; BGEN RENE S SANTOS AFP, Wing Commander 420th Strike Wing, PAF; PCSUPT ROMAN A FELIX PNP,PSPG, PNP; PCSUPT ABELARDO P VILLACORTA PNP, Deputy Director, NCRPO, PNP; PCSUPT ALLEN B BANTOLO PNP, Deputy Regional Director for Operations, NCRPO, PNP; and PCSUPT CORNELIO N BARRIOS PNP, Ex-O, DO,PNP at Philippine Military Academy, Fort Del Pilar, Baguio City last 11 July 2015.

MGEN VICTOR V BAYANI AFP, DCS for Logistics was the keynote speaker during the testimonial parade. In his speech, he said that he felt nostalgic and can’t help but be reminded of the first time he set foot on the hollowed grounds of the academy. He said that he never regrets embracing the noble profession of arms.

MGEN BAYANIl was a 4th year Engineering Student in Mapua Institute of Technology when he qualified to become a member of the CCAFP. In some rare moments, he admits that if he was not a public servant in the military, he may have become one of the engineers who were responsible in the rise of many buildings in the country.

“I never thought that the day I rolled, ducked and double timed knees waist high under the scrutinizing eyes of our upperclassmen would lead me to who and what I am today and who and what I am destined to be in my entire life – not an Engineer equipped with safety helmet, but a soldier in combat boots. For this, I will forever be indebted to this Academy and our government for giving me this rare opportunity to serve and protect our country; for the opportunity to wear “combat boots” and experience battles and encounters I could only paint in my mind, but never put to words; for training me to be a leader I never thought I could be capable of; and for teaching and instilling in me the essence of Cadetship – to be proud and unbending in honest failure, but humble and gentle in success.” – MGEN BAYANI

He also reminded the cadets to be guided by the four key tenets of service advocated by the former CSAFP, General Emmanuel Bautista, which are (1) to deliberately plan, (2) to discover and nurture your passion for work, (3) to practice meticulous workmanship, and most importantly (4) to always answer to the call of urgency.