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“I never regret embracing the Noble Profession of Arms”- MGEN VICTOR V BAYANI AFP”

The Philippine Military Academy rendered Arrival Honors and Testimonial Parade and Review In Honor of retiring PMA Alumni: MGEN VICTOR V BAYANI AFP, DCS for Logistics, J4; BGEN RENE S SANTOS AFP, Wing Commander 420th Strike Wing, PAF; PCSUPT ROMAN A FELIX PNP,PSPG, PNP; PCSUPT ABELARDO P VILLACORTA PNP, Deputy Director, NCRPO, PNP; PCSUPT ALLEN B BANTOLO PNP, Deputy Regional Director for Operations, NCRPO, PNP; and PCSUPT CORNELIO N BARRIOS PNP, Ex-O, DO,PNP at Philippine Military Academy, Fort Del Pilar, Baguio City last 11 July 2015.

MGEN VICTOR V BAYANI AFP, DCS for Logistics was the keynote speaker during the testimonial parade. In his speech, he said that he felt nostalgic and can’t help but be reminded of the first time he set foot on the hollowed grounds of the academy. He said that he never regrets embracing the noble profession of arms.

MGEN BAYANIl was a 4th year Engineering Student in Mapua Institute of Technology when he qualified to become a member of the CCAFP. In some rare moments, he admits that if he was not a public servant in the military, he may have become one of the engineers who were responsible in the rise of many buildings in the country.

“I never thought that the day I rolled, ducked and double timed knees waist high under the scrutinizing eyes of our upperclassmen would lead me to who and what I am today and who and what I am destined to be in my entire life – not an Engineer equipped with safety helmet, but a soldier in combat boots. For this, I will forever be indebted to this Academy and our government for giving me this rare opportunity to serve and protect our country; for the opportunity to wear “combat boots” and experience battles and encounters I could only paint in my mind, but never put to words; for training me to be a leader I never thought I could be capable of; and for teaching and instilling in me the essence of Cadetship – to be proud and unbending in honest failure, but humble and gentle in success.” – MGEN BAYANI

He also reminded the cadets to be guided by the four key tenets of service advocated by the former CSAFP, General Emmanuel Bautista, which are (1) to deliberately plan, (2) to discover and nurture your passion for work, (3) to practice meticulous workmanship, and most importantly (4) to always answer to the call of urgency.

PMA shares learning resources to Tineg Abra and Kalinga students.

“Books Are For All.” This is one of the most popular laws espoused by an Indian Librarian, S.R. Ranganthan.

The “Turn-over of Book Donation” ceremony was spearheaded by LTGEN OSCAR P LOPEZ, AFP, Superintendent, Philippine Military academy with the assistance of COL ROMEO M BASCO, PA, the Chief Academy Staff, CDR DOMINIC M PAGULAYAN, PN, LRC Director, other officers, LRC personnel and staff and members of the Cadet Corps Armed Forces of the Philippines (CCAFP).

The activity was highlighted by the actual turn-over of books to the donees, non other than the Mayor of the Municipality of Tineg, Abra Mayor Corinthia Crisologo. Meanwhile, the books intended for the province of Kalinga were received by Mr Nathaniel Denna, a representative of the province.

Right after the turn-over of books, LTGEN OSCAR P LOPEZ, mentioned in his message that “We, as uniformed servants, practice our profession-of-arms as instructors and mentors in our nation’s military academy, this however does not change the fact that we serve the same stakeholders-the youth and the learners of our nation. We aim for the same ultimate goals of educating the people towards progress. In that, we serve our country accomplishing the same endeavors- the noble profession of education.”

He also added, “Philippine Military Academy is committed in producing world-class military professionals and leaders. It is the academy’s belief that the talents of discipline, effort, and intelligence originate from all corners of the nation, and so we strive hard to recruit our cadets from the same. A large amount of military indoctrination process is the immersion of our cadets in written literature…. We are proud that these same books shall be further useful as aids in the discovery and transfer of knowledge for its new recipients.”

On the other hand, Mayor Crisologo responded in her talk that “this book donation from the Philippine Military Academy will surely help alleviate the literacy deficiency of the people in the municipality of Tineg, Abra.”

In this activity, the LRC, PMA has donated 1,472 volumes of books and 84 assorted magazines to Tineg, Abra as well as 320 volumes of books and 80 copies of magazines for the province of Kalinga. These sums up to a total of 1,792 volumes of books and 164 copies of reading materials. The activity ended with the proper documentation and picture taking among the personnel and staff of PMA present during the activity headed by the PMA Superintendent with Mayor Crisologo of Tineg, Abra.

The Republic of the Philippines and the United States Financial Management Review headed by Mr. Jim Worm, Director, DSCA/Head of US Delegates and MGEN VICTOR V BAYANI AFP, Deputy Chief of Staff for Logistics, J4, AFP/Head of RP Delegates visited PMA last June 22- 26, 2015 for a 5- day conference. The RP-US FMR is an annual bilateral activity conducted by the AFP and the Defense Security Cooperation Agency (DSCA), the lead agency for the execution of US Security Cooperation Programs, together with the JUSMAG-Philippines, who is responsible for administering US Security Assistance to the Philippines.

The objective of the activity focuses primarily on monitoring and updating the financial status and the development of all security assistance and investments provided by the US Government to the Philippines through the Foreign Military Financing (FMF) Program.

The FMF Program is a critical foreign policy tool of the US that aims to improve military capabilities of key friendly countries to contribute to the international crisis response operations, including peacekeeping and humanitarian crisis.

The Philippines, as one of the eligible partners of the US, is a recipient of its annual grants through the FMF Program: thus, enabling the AFP to improve is defense capabilities and foster closer military relationships with the US.


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