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1,642 passers of PMA Entrance Examination: One step closer to becoming a PMA cadet

FORT DEL PILAR- The Philippine Military Academy (PMA) announced today that 1642 (7.77%) examinees out of 12,767 applicants successfully passed the PMA Entrance Examination (PMAEE) conducted last August 02 2015 in different testing centers nationwide.

From the total number of 12,767 applicants who took the PMAEE all throughout the country, only 12,493 were able to complete the said test.

The successful 1,642 applicants composed of 1,141 males and 501 females will now be qualified to the next phase of the selection process which is the Complete Physical Examination (CPE) that will be conducted at the Armed Forces of the Philippines Medical Center, Quezon City. They will go through medical, psychological and physical examination to determine their fitness to undergo the four-year military training in the Academy. After the CPE, the PMA Cadet Procurement Board will deliberate and select the most qualified candidates to compose the PMA Class of 2020 who are expected to report to Philippine Military Academy on April 1, 2016 for the Oath-taking Ceremony and Reception Rites.

Being a PMA cadet gives an individual a noble privilege in serving the country. Upon admission to the Cadet Corps Armed Forces of the Philippines, one is developed to become a future military officer that possesses the values of Honor, Integrity , Courage, and Loyalty. (For the complete list of successful examinees click here)

All passers will receive a letter from PMA, through electronic mail or post office, with an instruction to report to PMA Candidate Control and Liaison Office, AFP Medical Center, V-Luna Road, Quezon City on their scheduled date of reporting (Click here for your schedule of reporting) for their Complete Physical Examination which will last for 7 days. Secure and bring the following requirements:

a. Local Clearances (Original copy):
 - Barangay Clearance
 - PNP Clearance
 - Court Clearance (Court of First Instance or Judge)
 - Mayor’s Clearance
b. Recent Valid ID (School ID, Driver’s ID, Passport, etc.)
c. NSO copy of birth certificate [One (1) original and two (2) photo copy].
d. Certified True Copy of High School Form 137 [One (1) original and two (2) photo copy].
e. Original copy and one (1) certified true copy of your High School Diploma (Certified true copy will be taken by OCA)
f. Parent’s Consent (to be accomplished in 4 original copies duly notarized)
g. Ten (10) pcs of 2” x 2” and Four(4) pcs of 1” x 1” ID pictures (colored with white background)
h. Black ballpen (2)pcs.
i. Minimum clothing for 7 days, white t-shirts (3-5pcs), Denim pants (2pcs).
j. Three (3) sets of athletic uniform (White shirt with short pants for male/jogging pants or short pants with cycling shorts for female)

“We must not only support enlightened leaders but also be enlightened leaders ourselves”- H.E Manuel M Lopez

FORT DEL PILAR- The Philippine Military Academy rendered arrival honors and testimonial parade and review to H.E. Manuel M Lopez, Philippine Ambassador to Japan, last August 30, 2015. In grateful recognition of his support, assistance, and guidance to the Philippine Military Academy cadets undergoing training at the Japan National Defense Academy (JNDA). In his speech, he said that he has no doubt that the Filipino cadets studying at JNDA will turn out to be fine military officers and become the pride of the Filipino people. This can be credited to the training and discipline that were taught to the cadets prior to entering JNDA. The ambassador added that the Philippines is very fortunate that Japan is proactive in engaging with the former’s military because of Japan’s new defense policy of coming to the aid of its allies.

Japan and the Philippines have a long relationship that extends beyond contemporary territorial concerns. The once marred relationship brought by the Japanese occupation during the second world war has now become an embodiment of a formidable bond. While economics has long been part of the relationship, a growing focus is evident on ensuring the strengthening of military ties between the Philippines and Japan under a strategic partnership inked several years ago. The outlining of specific steps to enhance defense cooperation and exchanges brings elation to Filipino soldiers knowing that this will lead to dramatic changes in terms of capacity building and will further assist the Republic in the ongoing defense modernization. All these could be made possible with the constant effort of His Excellency, Manuel M. Lopez.

The Ambassador, who was also the previous Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the Lopez Group of Companies, thanked the military officers and the members of the CCAFP for the honor rendered to him and his family. In his speech, he shared that he was asked by the Superintendent, if he wanted to take the “White Carabao” or walk in trooping the line, he chose the latter not only because it will serve as an exercise but he also wanted to recall his memories when he was then a cadet for two years at the former Baguio Military Institution.

Addresing the cadets, he shared how he and his office are working on creating a long lasting relationship with Japan not only in the field of military but also in the fields of education, agriculture, manufacturing, and technology. Philippine Ambassador Manuel M. Lopez invited Japanese entrepreneurs last year to invest in the manufacturing and business processing service sectors in the Philippines as he cited the skills, positive work attitude and English proficiency of the large Filipino work force as among the key factors for a mutually beneficial business venture.

In closing his speech, he encouraged each cadet to excel in their chosen branches of service and never lose their idealism. To never forget the country’s most cherished values, to be mindful of their duty, and to defend the people’s freedom. Freedom from fear, freedom from hunger, and freedom from injustice. That the Filipino citizens should look after each others’ welfare and work for fairness and equity in the distribution of many opportunities and rich resources of the country.


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