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PMA is now accepting On Line Application. High School Form 137 and NSO copy of Birth Certificate are the necessary documents for our On Line Application. All interested applicants are requested to scan (pdf file format) said documents and attach it to the On Line Application System.

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(The members of PMA SALAKNIB Class 2017 and their upperclassmen in the Octagon Formation awaiting for the much awaited handshake of recognition)

The Philippine Military Academy opened its door to the more or less, one thousand eight hundred (1,800) visitors of the members of the PMA Class 2017, consisting of their parents, relatives and friends, who witnessed their RECOGNITION RITES on September 13-14, 2013 Fort del Pilar, Baguio City.

Considered as one of the most symbolic and important events in a life of a cadet, the Recognition Rites finally allowed the lowest members of the Cadet Corps, Armed Forces of the Philippines to be in “at ease” status after being recognized by their upperclassmen through a handshake that was extended to them during the ceremony.

The class chose for their name the word SALAKNIB which stands for shield. They consider their class as the “SALAKNIB” of the Filipino people whom they vowed to serve and protect against threats that would undermine peace and security in the country. A total of two hundred forty eight (248) fourth class cadets were recognized, one hundred sixty four (164) of them are male and eighty four (84) are female.

The Guest of Honor and Speaker during the said rites was MGEN GREGORIO PIO R CATAPANG JR AFP, Commander, Northern Luzon Command, Armed Forces of the Philippines.


(COL VILLANUEVA formally turns over the Support Group to CMDR RESURRECION as he formally assumes as the Head, Academic Group)

The Headquarters, Academics Group (HAG) has a new head in the person of COLONEL JOSEPH VILLANUEVA PROF. Being the head of the said group, COL VILLANUEVA , who formally assumed the post on August 30, 2013 in a Joint Turn-Over and Awarding Ceremony presided by VADM EDGAR L ABOGADO AFP, Superintendent, PMA, will be leading the members of faculty in PMA who are responsible in the academic aspect of the education and training of the cadets in the Academy.

Prior to his assignment to HAG, COL VILLANUEVA was the Commanding Officer of the Headquarters Support Group. The other positions he held in the Academy were the Assistant Commandant of Cadets, Headquarters Tactics Group, Academy Inspector General and Assistant Chief of Staff for Civil Military Operation, MA7

According to COL VILLANUEVA, his assumption of the office of the Head, Academics Group has caused his career to come to a full circle since during the early part of his stay in the Academy, he taught the cadets and assumed administrative positions in HAG, him being a member of the CORPS OF PROFESSORS.

In his assumption speech, he said, “For the duration of my stay here in the Philippine Military Academy, I can say that I have come to a full circle by coming home to where I started my career as a member of the Corps of Professors, not to mention that it is also in the hallways and classrooms of the Academic building that I marched in and out until I finally became an official member of the long gray line.”

COL VILLANUEVA is a member of PMA “SANDIWA” Class ’85.


(COL MICHAEL C MORALES (RET) lectures on Transforming Initiative for PMA and PNPA Workshop)

The Headquarters, Tactics Group, (HTG) PMA conducted a three-day workshop in connection with the Leadership Impact Program (LIP) for PMA Tactical Officers. The LIP is a program designed to equip PMA Tactical Officers with the values, attitudes, knowledge and skills to help them become more effective role models, mentors and coaches with a view towards building a culture of integrity, excellence and positive leadership in PMA. Specifically, the LIP aims to reinforce the Tactical Officers’ ownership of the Academy’s core values and alignment with PMA’s training paradigm, help Tactical Officers understand key concepts in psychology, training and character development, and enable them to critically analyze the training systems and traditions prevailing in PMA, introduce a successful model for transformation that can be adopted as framework for comprehensive reforms training and to train the trainers.

Speaker in the said workshop was COL MICHAEL C MORALES (Ret), Director, Leadership Development Initiatives, International Graduate Schools of Leadership. He facilitated the group in the production of a plan that is actionable which provides with clearly specified goals, measures, activities, target dates and tools in effecting the programs for the development of the cadets in PMA.


(Bakers’ rendition of Melchor Hall 10x10 Carrot Cake)

The Philippine Military Academy was featured as one of the cake centerpieces which were showcased to the public in connection with the celebration of the Hotel Restaurant and Tourism (HRT) Week in Baguio City.

Rendered through a carrot cake measuring 10x10 feet, the building of Melchor Hall was presented as one of the heritage structures and tourist destinations in Baguio City, together with the Baguio Cathedral, Post Office, City Hall, The Mansion and Baguio Country Club. The six cakes which were displayed and distributed to the public weighed four tons which required 40 sacks of all-purpose flour, 11,000 pcs eggs, 1,750 liters corn oil, 300 kilos carrots, 15,000 bananas, 18 sacks white sugar, 600 cans evaporated milk, 30 kilos baking powder, 130 kilos baking soda, 12 kilos walnuts, 6 kilos salt, 6kilos cinnamon powder, 200 kilos butter, 500 grams cloves and 400 liter whipping cream.

Melchor Hall, known as the Academic Building was inaugurated and blessed on May 24, 1950 with the President of the Philippines, H.E. Elpidio Quirino, as the Guest of Honor.


(PMA Cadets listening to Mr Ariel Fernandez, Executive Director, Balay Mindanaw, as he introduce the different speakers in the Forum)

The Philippine Military Academy, in partnership with Balay Mindanaw Foundation Incorporated (BMFI), conducted the second round of the SOLDIERS FOR PEACE FORUM for the members of PMA Class 2014 on August 30, 2013 at the PMA Hall of Leaders. With the theme: Winning the Peace in Conflict Affected Areas and Expanding the Role of Soldiers as Peace Builders, Conflict Managers and Human Defenders”, the speakers in the said forum were able to impart their lived experiences in the field that could serve as inspiration to the cadets as they perform their duties once they graduate from the Academy. In the said forum, the cadets were able to have a clear understanding of their traditional and non-traditional roles, which are the combat/war fighting and peace-building respectively, in addressing the problems of insurgency in the country.

The speakers in the said forum were BGEN EMERALDO CMAGNAYE AFP, the Assistant Superintendent, PMA, COLONEL CARLITO G GALVEZ (GSC) INF PA, Commander, 104th Brigade, 1ID, COLONEL DICKSON P HERMOSO (GSC) INF PA, Inspector General and Spokesman, 6th Infantry Division, LTC ROY M GALIDO PA, Commanding Officer, 38th Infantry Battalion, 6th Infantry Division, and LTCOL ROMULO D QUEMADO, Battalion Commander, Marine Battalion Landing Team 2.

VADM EDGAR L ABOGADO, Superintendent, PMA, in his speech mentioned that “..through the so called transformation in our perspective and the paradigm shift, we are able to see that there are still solutions to the problems on the other side of the coin. With clenched fists we went on to battle, so it was a response with clenched fists that we received. If we open our hands and reach out to our brothers out there, then I believe it is with their open hands that they will readily receive our handshake. This is when the soldiers become the soldiers for peace.”

Balay Mindanaw Foundation Inc. (BMFI) is a Filipino Mindanao-based and Mindanaofocused non-stock, non-profit organization. BMFI’s work and its people articulate a sense of fierce pride for Mindanao and a passion for transforming this poorest and most conflict-torn of the country’s region into a “balay”, a true home for its peoples – christians, muslims and lumads, indigenous peoples of Mindanao. It is a non-stock, non-profit foundation primarily engaged in promoting equity-based development and sustainable peace.


(Atty Mylen G Esquivel, Consultant of the Department of National Defense on Gender and Development delivering her lecture on GAD)

Recognizing the fundamental equality before the law, and to ensure that both men and women enjoy the same conditions necessary to realize equal opportunities to realize the exercise of their human rights and contribute to the development of the nation, the Philippine Military Academy is serious in its advocacy on Gender and Development. Since last year, a series of activities have been conducted to instill greater understanding of the importance of embracing concepts of Gender Awareness, Gender Equality and Development. These activities were spearheaded by BGEN EMERALDO C MAGNAYE AFP, Assistant Superintendent and Chairman, GAD Focal Point Committee.

Recently, General Headquarters, Armed Forces of the Philippines conducted a three-day visit to PMA to have separate sessions for different groups in the Academy to disseminate the advocacy. LCDR JAMES RAMON PN represented the Vice-Chief of Staff in the Executive Briefing Session, Gender Sensitivity Training to Command Personnel and Cadets. A very comprehensive briefing on how to do GAD Planning and Budgeting was also given to top management to ensure the GAD advocacy is supported by budget.

The briefing was complemented by the lectures conducted by Atty Mylen G Esquivel, Consultant of the Department of National Defense on Gender and Development. Her brilliance, experience in handling GAD related cases in the military, dynamism and participative teaching techniques made the learning experience informative, enjoyable and created a great impact on her audience.

The seminar allowed the participants to be aware of the legal basis of Gender and Development, the issues being addressed, and most importantly, the laws with regard to anti-violence against women.


The Cadet Corps Armed Forces of the Philippines (CCAFP) conducted on August 19, 2013 its First Phase Intramurals with the theme “Awakening the Warrior’s Spirit: Vision without Action is merely a dream, Action without Vision just passes the time, Vision with Action can change the world”.

Intramurals is a yearly activity of the CCAFP where cadets are given the chance to compete with each other in different sports event. It aims to develop the cadet’s physical abilities, measure and improve cadet’s sports performance and test the cadet’s level of sportsmanship. It also aims to develop the cadet’s management and leadership skills most especially the First Class cadets who act as organizers, facilitators, and coaches of their respective companies.

The Opening program of the Intramurals was conducted on 19 0900H August 2013 at the Covered Court, Jurado Hall. The following were the events played during the First Phase of the Intramurals: badminton, boxing, cheer dance, chess, company run, judo, marathon, soccer, swimming, table tennis, taekwondo and volleyball.

The initial ranking of the Corps is as follows: Alfa Company – 4th, Bravo Company – 3rd, Charlie Company- 3rd, Delta Company – 2nd, Echo Company – 6th, Foxtrot Company – 7th, Hawk Company – 1st and Golf Company – 5th.


Universities and colleges in Baguio and Benguet brace for another colorful season of Baguio-Benguet Educational League (BBEAL) CY 2013-2014. Now on its 27th year, the University of Cordilleras serves as the host for this year’s event.

PMA cadets participated in the different sports disciplines such as Basketball, Badminton, Chess, Sepak Takraw, Swimming, Table Tennis and Volleyball. For the next phase of the BBEAL to be held on February 2014, the following events will be played: Athletics, Baseball, Boxing, Football, Judo, Lawn Tennis, Softball, and Wushu.

BBEAL was organized in 1986 with just seven (7) member schools from Baguio City and Benguet, namely: Philippine Military Academy Cavaliers (PMA), Baguio Central University Eagles (BCU), Benguet State University Wildcats (BSU), Cordillera Career Development College Admirals (CCDC), Pines City Colleges Warriors (PCC), Saint Louis University of Baguio Cardinals (SLU), University of Cordillera Jaguars (UC), and University of the Philippines-Baguio Maroons (UP.

In PMA, the sports development of the cadets is under the auspices of the Sports and Physical Development Units’ (SPDU). Among the functions of the unit is to boost the motivation of the cadets and prepare them for their participation in the different sports competitions. At present, SPDU is making initiatives to improve the athletic performance of the cadets by sending its trainers and coaches to the different seminars for them to be updated with the latest trends, and scientific training programs for sports development and physical fitness.

The active involvement of the cadets in competitive sports outside PMA is a good venue in molding the cadets to be efficient-disciplined confident combatants, leaders with character, as well as to be good ambassadors of PMA to the civilian sectors and other counterparts

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