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Cadet Life In The Academy

To build the desirable character traits expected of cadets, they live under an atmosphere of restraint prescribed by rules and regulations. These rules and regulations are all codified into what is known as the Graybook or "cadet bible." The Graybook defines, specifies, and covers all the "do's" and "dont's" of cadet behaviour, activities and actuations.

Cadets follow very unique customs and traditions that are premised on the principle that "no one is fit to command who has not learned to obey." This tradition calls for certain standards which the plebe - fresh from civilian life must meet. It also considers several corrective measures the upperclassmen may take to enable the plebes to meet the standards. In other words, the custom operates to develop good qualities and individuals. Likewise, it helps him exercise his leadership. This custom is known as the Fourthclass System.

Another equally, if not more important means of developing the character is the Honor System. The system is very special to the cadets, and transcends all aspects of his life in the Academy. It presupposes clean thinking and honest dealing; therefore, deception is neither tolerated nor are undue advantages allowed to be taken by one another.

The following topics should define in a nutshell the life of a cadet in the Philippine Military Academy:

Like all the classes before them and those that were to follow, the cadet's life has remained highly regimented. After all, the training of future military leaders, into whose hands the lives of others and the destiny of a multitude of people are to be entrusted during critical times could not be left to chance.

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