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Posting Date: 8/3/2016

PMA Hosts 6th RPSC to enhance Partnership

Participants of the 6th RimlandPacific Superintendents’ Conference with the Flag Officer-in-Command of the Philippine Navy, Vice Admiral Caesar C Taccad AFP, during the Opening Ceremonies of the Conference.
    Manila, Philippines – This year’s Rimland Pacific Superintendents’ Conference (RPSC), dubbed as “Service Academies: Strengthening Cooperation and Collaboration to Address Global Security Challenges”, was hosted by the Philippine Military Academy at the Sofitel Hotel, Manila last 18-22 July 2016. Eleven countries participated in this year’s gathering, namely: Australia, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Philippines, Russia, Singapore, South Korea, Thailand, United States, and Vietnam.
     Activities for the conference included lecture presentations and open discussions among participating service academies and invited observers from the different education and training units of the AFP. The conference also provided for a venue for bilateral talks between and among the participants with topics ranging from bilateral exchange programs involving faculty and cadets and enhancing partnerships to address global security challenges.
     The 5th RPSC was held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in 2014 with the theme “Blending Academic, Naval Professional, and Leadership Training to Meet the Challenges of the 21st Century”. It was attended by heads or representatives of Naval Academies of Malaysia, Japan, Indonesia, Republic of Korea, United States of America, Singapore, New Zealand, Russian Federation, Philippines, and Vietnam.
     The RPSC is a gathering of the heads of Naval Service Academies of United States, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Chile, Russia, Vietnam, and China. The main purpose of the event is to provide information, exchange ideas and lessons learned and to provide a forum to enable each academy, institute or training command to seek a collaborative relationship among the member academies.
The participants of the 6th Rimland Pacific Superintendents’ Conference with the AFP Chief of the Staff, Gen Ricardo R Visaya AFP, during the Welcome Dinner hosted by the PMA Superintendent, MGen Donato B San Juan B San Juan II AFP.

Archive Date: 8/1/2016

Aero Cadets receive an “upgrade” from outgoing LTGEN JEFFREY F DELGADO AFP, Commanding General of the Philippine Air Force

Fort Del Pilar - The Philippine Military Academy Cadet Corps of the Armed Forces of the Philippines, particularly the Aero Cadets (those who are training to become officers of the Philippine Air Force) recently received a state of the art upgrade for its Air Force Laboratory from the outgoing Commanding General of the Philippine Air Force, LTGEN JEFFREY F DELGADO AFP, a member of PMA “SANDIGAN” Class of 1982 last January 09 2016 during his Testimonial Parade and Review at Fort Del Pilar, Philippine Military Academy.

The procurement of the Flight Simulator was realized through the office of the outgoing Commanding General. He initiated the procurement of the equipment which is in agreement with the RA 10349 also known as Revised AFP Modernization Act which aims to modernize all branches of the Armed Forces of the Philippines. This is also consistent with the academy’s Roadmap which is to reach the international standards in producing principled and competent officers by 2028.

The Commandant of Cadets, BGEN ROZANNO D BRIGUEZ AFP, in his interview said, “The Flight simulator cuts the training time by 30-60 percent, it is cost-effective, and it promotes safety among our future pilots of the Philippine Air Force. This will enhance the competence of our Aero Cadets and will significantly contribute to their aptitude as future pilots for the Philippine Air Force.”

The Flight Simulator teaches the cadets of the basics of Flight Training and maneuvers. This brings the cadets who aspire to become pilots for the Philippine Air Force one step closer in earning their wings and become pilots for the modernized Armed Forces of the Philippines.

Archive Date: 2/19/2016

PMAFI allots P5.1 million pesos for the Fiscal Year 2016 to further improve Academic Instruction for Cadets

FORT DEL PILAR- The Philippine Military Academy Foundation Inc. (PMAFI) headed by CAV ANSELMO S AVENIDO, Chairman visited the Philippine Military Academy last November 21-22, 2015 with the intention of providing continuous development for the teaching personnel of the Academy for both military and civilian instructors. The Foundation commits yearly to the advancement of the Faculty and improvement of facilities. For the past five (5) years, PMAFI has been allotting an average of P5 million pesos yearly primarily dedicated for scholarship grants, research grants, lectures and seminar grants, facility improvement and equipment donation.

With the continuous support that PMAFI has been sharing with PMA in achieving its vision to be of International Standards by 2028, the Academy and the cadet aspirants are ensured of an opportunity for a more competent and knowledgeable faculty that the cadets can best learn from and are guaranteed of up-to-date facilities and learning equipment to prepare them in contributing to nation-building and winning the peace.

The Academy prides itself of having a pool of civilian faculty who will be 100% MA degree holders by 2018. Through the several trainings and scholarships sponsored by the foundation, having a 100% PhD PMA Faculty in the near future is not farfetched.

Archive Date: 1/11/2015

Senior Associate Justice Hon Antonio T Carpio delivers a lecture on West Philippine Sea (South China Sea) dispute to members of the CCAFP

FORT DEL PILAR- A lecture on West Philippine Sea dispute was delivered by Hon Justice Antonio T Carpio, Senior Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the Philippines, to the members of the Cadet Corps of the Armed Force of the Philippines at Lopez Hall of Leaders, Philippine Military Academy, last November 12,2015. The CCAFP was privileged to hear from Justice Carpio on the vital information on the country’s tedious battle against those who are claiming stake on a piece of our archipelago- the very land that the AFP had sworn to protect. The lecture provided an opportunity for the cadets to be fully enlightened and be aware on the dispute.

At present, all the claimant states are signatories of the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea, the current recognized international law on the dispute, and uses this as the basis for the Philippines' arbitration case. The UNCLOS allows for a more cooperative, coordinated, and shared enjoyment of the West Philippine Sea while the Nine-dashed Rule only serves the interests of China. The magistrate then explained that UNCLOS grants the Philippines a 200-nautical mile exclusive economic zone (EEZ) where it can fish, and explore oil and gas. Under UNCLOS, parties can come to an amicable settlement even while the case is going on. The tribunal will be happy if the parties struck an agreement. “The policy under UNCLOS is there can be a voluntary agreement, a compromise before the decision is made, and that would be welcomed by the tribunal,” Justice Carpio said.

According to Department of Foreign Affairs, The oral hearing on the merits of the Philippines-China arbitration case under Annex VII of the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS) will be held from November 24 to November 30, 2015, in The Hague, Netherlands. This will give a chance for the country to present its arguments and use UNCLOS to debunk China’s claim over the West Philippine Sea.

The Philippines' arguments revolve around the right to fish, as well as to exploit other resources, in the West Philippine Sea. China, on the other hand, is claiming the disputed waters using the so-called 9-dash line, a demarcation that is not found in UNCLOS. China asserts that the 9-dash line is based on its historical rights. Senior Associate Justice Antonio Carpio of the Philippine Supreme Court, however, says that even China’s ancient maps contradict China’s arguments.

China prefers bilateral talks to resolve the long-running dispute. One-to-one negotiations allow the Asian giant to use its economic, political, and military clout against smaller countries like the Philippines. The Philippines wants a multilateral solution, and eventually opted for arbitration. Vietnam, Malaysia, Brunei, and Taiwan also have claims to the South China Sea, a strategic waterway dubbed as an artery of global trade.

The command, through the leadership of LTGEN OSCAR P LOPEZ, AFP, Superintendent, PMA, thanked the speaker for sharing his expertise, helping the audience understand the Philippine’s position on the matter, putting into perspective the claims on the dispute, and helping the cadets understand the duties of military personnel as protectors of the country’s sovereignty.

341 Cadets formally recognized as members of PMA Mabalasik Class of 2019

FORT DEL PILAR- Recognition remains to be one of the most touching and memorable traditions a cadet experiences in the Philippine Military Academy. On this day, through a simple yet profoundly meaningful handshake and pat on the back by an upperclass cadet, the fourthclass ceases to be a plebe. This is a rite of passage, the end of the numerous restrictions and difficulties that only a plebe can experience in the Academy. As the name suggests it is a recognition that the plebe has successfully met the challenges of plebe life.

After a 6-month long training on Character, Academics, Military, and Physical (CAMP), 341 strong and proud members of the PMA “Mabalasik”( Mandirigma ng Bayan, Iaalay ang Sarili, Lakas at Tapang, para sa Kapayapaan) class of 2019 were formally recognized last October 28, 2015 at the sacred grounds of Borromeo Field. VADM CAESAR C TACCAD, AFP, Flag Officer-in-Command, Philippine Navy, was the Guest of Honor and Speaker during the activity.

The academy searched the whole country in order to select only the best. Out of the 350 cadets who reported in April 1 2015, 98 are Tagalog, 117 are Visayan, 66 are Ilocano, 18 are Bicolano, and 51 are Cordilleran. The class of 2019 is composed of 36 fresh high school graduates, 100 who were able to finish freshman year in College, 97 reached sophomore year, 51 reached junior year, 30 reached senior year, 5 had five years in college and 31 are degree holders. Even before entering the academy, these men and women proved to be the cream of the crop. 24 are valedictorians, 12 are salutatorians, and 69 graduated with honors and other awards. This shows that majority of those who were able to pass the series of tests were already academically, emotionally, and physically prepared for the regimented unique curriculum that the Academy offers to its cadets to produce top notch leaders of the Armed Forces of the Philippines. The CAMP curriculum.

During the 4th Class cadets’ first academic term for SY 2015-2016, they were subjected to the pressure and rigours of training in Character, Military, and Physical Training and had to manage themselves in order to excel in Academics. For an average 17-22 year old civilian, time is spent updating their profile pictures and getting as many like as possible in their facebook posts, but for the 4th Class cadets, they had to face the everyday challenges in order to remain in the Cadet Corps of the Armed Forces of the Philippines. After 6 months of rigid and intensive trainings, 341 cadets were transformed from carefree civilians into more responsible men and women of uniform and are now ready to commit themselves in winning the future wars of the Republic.

Philippine Military Academy recognizes the valuable efforts of its Personnel during Foundation Day Celebration

FORT DEL PILAR- The Philippine Military Academy celebrated its founding anniversary last October 19-25, 2015 with the theme, “ Ika-117 Taong Pagdalisay sa Antas ng Akademiya: Paghakbang tungo sa Tugatog ng Pandaigdigang Pamantayan” Dr Jesus P Estanislao, the Chairman Emeritus of Institute for Solidarity in Asia, was invited to address the Cadet Corps and the personnel of the Academy.

In line with the 117th Foundation Anniversary of the Academy, the command recognized the valuable and diligent personnel who all contributed in the fulfillment of their office’s mandate. Each year, the command chooses the best personnel under the categories of Junior and Senior Officer of the Year, Junior and Senior Enlisted Personnel of the Year, Civilian and Military Instructor of the Year, and Model Civilian Supervisor and Employee of the Year.

After thorough deliberation of aspiring nominees together with the impact of their contributions, the PMA Awards and Decorations Board selected deserving individuals for the above mentioned categories.

The Senior and Junior Officers were awarded to LTC JULIUS C LIBRADA (CAV) PA, Head, Department of Leadership and CPT MARK CARLO U LAYGO (MI) PA, Admin Officer for Department of Ground Warfare and Company Tactical Officer for Delta Company. Both officers have exemplified leadership skills with the sincerest intention and dedication to work harmoniously for the greatest interest of PMA.

For the Military and Civilian Instructors of the Year, CPT CHRISTOPHER REY T LAUDE PROF and Mr. Andrew Ruguelos PhD were chosen respectively. Both instructors from the Headquarters Academic Group had employed a wide range of teaching strategies to successfully improve the overall cadet experience that led to quality learning outcomes.

The Senior and Junior Enlisted Personnel of the Year are TSg Joel B Alegre PA and Sgt Kennedy P Fernandez PAF. Both men have proved worthy of emulation not only in their respective groups but in the AFP as a whole in connection with their services that are aligned with the Enlisted Personnel Enhancement Program which is an integral part of capability building of Enlisted Personnel.

On the Model Civilian Supervisor of the Year, Ms Lutgarda E Calanog from the Cadet Mess emerged as the most deserving due to her unwavering efforts for 37 years in maintaining the highest and international standards of food service which resulted to a healthy lifestyle for the cadets. Meanwhile, Mr Efren L Tabtab from the Communications, Electronics, and Information systems bagged the Civilian Employee of the Year Award for his outstanding contributions in developing information systems that greatly resulted to the convenience of the PMA personnel, cadets, and future aspirants of the Cadet Corps.

It is important to emphasize that PMA is a dynamic organization. Military and civilian personnel may come and go but systems and innovations must not. It is important to be reminded the formation of credible armed forces does not rely solely on adequate military equipment and logistics but more so on manpower. For Manpower is the most significant resource, in this case, the officers, enlisted personnel, and civilian employees of the Command.

“We must not only support enlightened leaders but also be enlightened leaders ourselves”- H.E Manuel M Lopez

FORT DEL PILAR- The Philippine Military Academy rendered arrival honors and testimonial parade and review to H.E. Manuel M Lopez, Philippine Ambassador to Japan, last August 30, 2015. In grateful recognition of his support, assistance, and guidance to the Philippine Military Academy cadets undergoing training at the Japan National Defense Academy (JNDA). In his speech, he said that he has no doubt that the Filipino cadets studying at JNDA will turn out to be fine military officers and become the pride of the Filipino people. This can be credited to the training and discipline that were taught to the cadets prior to entering JNDA. The ambassador added that the Philippines is very fortunate that Japan is proactive in engaging with the former’s military because of Japan’s new defense policy of coming to the aid of its allies.

Japan and the Philippines have a long relationship that extends beyond contemporary territorial concerns. The once marred relationship brought by the Japanese occupation during the second world war has now become an embodiment of a formidable bond. While economics has long been part of the relationship, a growing focus is evident on ensuring the strengthening of military ties between the Philippines and Japan under a strategic partnership inked several years ago. The outlining of specific steps to enhance defense cooperation and exchanges brings elation to Filipino soldiers knowing that this will lead to dramatic changes in terms of capacity building and will further assist the Republic in the ongoing defense modernization. All these could be made possible with the constant effort of His Excellency, Manuel M. Lopez.

The Ambassador, who was also the previous Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the Lopez Group of Companies, thanked the military officers and the members of the CCAFP for the honor rendered to him and his family. In his speech, he shared that he was asked by the Superintendent, if he wanted to take the “White Carabao” or walk in trooping the line, he chose the latter not only because it will serve as an exercise but he also wanted to recall his memories when he was then a cadet for two years at the former Baguio Military Institution.

Addresing the cadets, he shared how he and his office are working on creating a long lasting relationship with Japan not only in the field of military but also in the fields of education, agriculture, manufacturing, and technology. Philippine Ambassador Manuel M. Lopez invited Japanese entrepreneurs last year to invest in the manufacturing and business processing service sectors in the Philippines as he cited the skills, positive work attitude and English proficiency of the large Filipino work force as among the key factors for a mutually beneficial business venture.

In closing his speech, he encouraged each cadet to excel in their chosen branches of service and never lose their idealism. To never forget the country’s most cherished values, to be mindful of their duty, and to defend the people’s freedom. Freedom from fear, freedom from hunger, and freedom from injustice. That the Filipino citizens should look after each others’ welfare and work for fairness and equity in the distribution of many opportunities and rich resources of the country.

PMA Hosts Honor System Leaders’ Summit

On August 27-28, the Philippine Military Academy will be hosting this year’s Honor System Leaders’ Summit, gathering the country’s most distinguished people experienced in maintaining national security. This will be attended by the delegates from PNP Academy, Philippine Military Marine Academy (PMMA), Training and Doctrine Command (TRADOC), Air Education and Training Command, Naval Education and Training Command and the Maritime Academy of Asia and the Pacific (MAAP). The event features discussions in promoting the PMA Honor System, the essential mechanism in the molding of men and women from cadets to the leaders of their country’s future. It also aims to address the problems hindering the successful implementation of the Honor system using the insights and knowledge of many years of humble, but noble service.

The Philippine Military Academy is the premier institution with a long history of developing the country’s brightest and fittest officers to serve in the three branches of the Armed Forces of the Philippines: the Army, Navy and the Air Force. Its most famous alumni are Brigadier General Vicente Lim, the WWII hero whose face is memorialized in the thousand peso bill and Major General Paulino Santos who has General Santos City named in his honor.

The event will be conducted at Munasque Theater, Fort Gregorio H del Pilar, Loakan, Baguio City and will be facilitated by Professor Jojet Lamberto R Morales of the Department of the Social Sciences, PMA. The program starts at 8 am and ends at 4pm on the two-day activity.

PMA Hosts 1st Technology Fair to help improve cadet achievement

The Philippine Military Academy held its 1st PMA Technology fair which aimed to enhance the cadet’s appreciation of the latest trends in technology. A series of lectures focused on topics like cloud computing, big data analytics, advanced communication, cyber security, and unified threat management were conducted as part of the 4-day activity on August 17-20, 2015, which were held at Munasque Theater, Philippine Military Academy.

As part of the activity, some of the biggest companies in communications technology were also invited to highlight and discuss their latest and most advanced products in the market today.

In PMA, instructional technology is generally recognized as a powerful means to boost cadet achievement. But for technology to work, curriculum and instructional methods need to be expanded to match the variety and rich learning options that these technologies are making possible. Educators also understand that technology itself has created tools that can assist. They realize that technology is about using simple implements like overhead projector as well as sophisticated software and adaptive hardware, so each learner has an opportunity to achieve. They recognize that technology integration means using many technologies to enhance teaching, learning, and multisensory experiences, providing "a range of pathways for students at varying levels".

First Female Graduates return to PMA to address the CCAFP

FORT DEL PILAR- The Philippine Military Academy through its Department of Leadership, headed by LT COL JULIUS C LIBRADA (CAV) PA, held a leadership forum last August 14, 2015 at Lopez Hall of Leaders. Speakers who were invited were the first female cadets who graduated from the academy owing to Republic Act No. 7192, an act promoting the integration of women as full and equal partners of men in development and nation building and other purposes. This paved the way for women in the Philippines equal access to enter PMA.

CDR MARISSA ARLENE A MARTINEZ PN, LIEUTENANT COLONEL LEAH LORENZO-SANTIAGO (FA) PA, and LTC CONSUELO N CASTILLO PAF, shared their leadership experiences to the members of the CCAFP as officers in their chosen branches of service and how it felt like to be under the observation of men knowing that they will serve as an inspiration and a catalyst of change to all aspiring young women to serve in the military.

The three speakers mentioned that the role of women in the military, particularly in combat, is controversial and it is only recently that women have begun to be given a more prominent role in contemporary armed forces. This is because of the passage of RA 9710 otherwise known as the Magna Carta for Women which clearly states that,

“The State shall pursue appropriate measures to eliminate discrimination of women in the military, police, and other similar services, including revising or abolishing policies and practices that restrict women from availing of both combat and non-combat training that are open to men, or from taking on functions other than administrative tasks, such as engaging in combat, security-related, or field operations. Women in the military shall be accorded the same promotional privileges and opportunities as men, including pay increases, additional remunerations and benefits, and awards based on their competency and quality of performance. Towards this end, the State shall ensure that the personal of women shall always be respected.”

As an endnote, CDR MARISSA ARLENE A MARTINEZ PN said, “let us stop assumptions that women in the military are too strong…too aggressive…isolating and anti-men, we should VALUE OUR DIFFERENCES, HELP EACH OTHER BRING OUT THEIR POTENTIAL AND SYNERGIZE TO HAVE A BETTER ARMED FORCES."

Philippine Military Academy Entrance Examination, a nationwide success

FORT DEL PILAR - A total of 12,493 qualified applicants took the PMA Entrance Exam last August 2, 2015 in 37 different testing centers nationwide. The PMAEE measures the mental ability of applicants in the areas of MATH (Algebra and Geometry), ENGLISH (Grammar, Composition, and Reading and Comprehension) and Abstract Reasoning (Verbal and Numerical Reasoning and Pattern Analysis). This year, only high school graduates and currently enrolled college students were allowed to take the PMA entrance exam. During the previous years, graduating high school students were encouraged to take the exam. However, with the implementation of the K+12 Program, the 4th year high school students of this school year has to take the exam by 2017. Despite this situation, the number of examinees has increased by five (5%) percent.

The increase in the number of examinees can be credited to the assistance extended by the local government units, different AFP command units, local Police, and school officials during the conduct of the Information Drive and exam proper. Among the 37 testing centers nationwide, Baguio City, Cagayan de Oro City and Quezon City had the most number of qualified applicants who were able to complete the Cadet Qualifying Test.

Out of these examinees, a maximum of 1,500 successful passers will undergo the 2nd phase of the selection process (complete medical examination) in becoming a cadet. This will be held at VLuna Medical Center. The Cadet Procurement Board composed of officers from PMA and GHQ will then select 350 courageous men and women who will compose the members of class 2020 and have the chance to render selfless service to the country as an officer of the Armed Forces of the Philippines.

“I never regret embracing the Noble Profession of Arms”- MGEN VICTOR V BAYANI AFP”

The Philippine Military Academy rendered Arrival Honors and Testimonial Parade and Review In Honor of retiring PMA Alumni: MGEN VICTOR V BAYANI AFP, DCS for Logistics, J4; BGEN RENE S SANTOS AFP, Wing Commander 420th Strike Wing, PAF; PCSUPT ROMAN A FELIX PNP,PSPG, PNP; PCSUPT ABELARDO P VILLACORTA PNP, Deputy Director, NCRPO, PNP; PCSUPT ALLEN B BANTOLO PNP, Deputy Regional Director for Operations, NCRPO, PNP; and PCSUPT CORNELIO N BARRIOS PNP, Ex-O, DO,PNP at Philippine Military Academy, Fort Del Pilar, Baguio City last 11 July 2015.

MGEN VICTOR V BAYANI AFP, DCS for Logistics was the keynote speaker during the testimonial parade. In his speech, he said that he felt nostalgic and can’t help but be reminded of the first time he set foot on the hollowed grounds of the academy. He said that he never regrets embracing the noble profession of arms.

MGEN BAYANIl was a 4th year Engineering Student in Mapua Institute of Technology when he qualified to become a member of the CCAFP. In some rare moments, he admits that if he was not a public servant in the military, he may have become one of the engineers who were responsible in the rise of many buildings in the country.

“I never thought that the day I rolled, ducked and double timed knees waist high under the scrutinizing eyes of our upperclassmen would lead me to who and what I am today and who and what I am destined to be in my entire life – not an Engineer equipped with safety helmet, but a soldier in combat boots. For this, I will forever be indebted to this Academy and our government for giving me this rare opportunity to serve and protect our country; for the opportunity to wear “combat boots” and experience battles and encounters I could only paint in my mind, but never put to words; for training me to be a leader I never thought I could be capable of; and for teaching and instilling in me the essence of Cadetship – to be proud and unbending in honest failure, but humble and gentle in success.” – MGEN BAYANI

He also reminded the cadets to be guided by the four key tenets of service advocated by the former CSAFP, General Emmanuel Bautista, which are (1) to deliberately plan, (2) to discover and nurture your passion for work, (3) to practice meticulous workmanship, and most importantly (4) to always answer to the call of urgency.

PMA shares learning resources to Tineg Abra and Kalinga students.

“Books Are For All.” This is one of the most popular laws espoused by an Indian Librarian, S.R. Ranganthan.

The “Turn-over of Book Donation” ceremony was spearheaded by LTGEN OSCAR P LOPEZ, AFP, Superintendent, Philippine Military academy with the assistance of COL ROMEO M BASCO, PA, the Chief Academy Staff, CDR DOMINIC M PAGULAYAN, PN, LRC Director, other officers, LRC personnel and staff and members of the Cadet Corps Armed Forces of the Philippines (CCAFP).

The activity was highlighted by the actual turn-over of books to the donees, non other than the Mayor of the Municipality of Tineg, Abra Mayor Corinthia Crisologo. Meanwhile, the books intended for the province of Kalinga were received by Mr Nathaniel Denna, a representative of the province.

Right after the turn-over of books, LTGEN OSCAR P LOPEZ, mentioned in his message that “We, as uniformed servants, practice our profession-of-arms as instructors and mentors in our nation’s military academy, this however does not change the fact that we serve the same stakeholders-the youth and the learners of our nation. We aim for the same ultimate goals of educating the people towards progress. In that, we serve our country accomplishing the same endeavors- the noble profession of education.”

He also added, “Philippine Military Academy is committed in producing world-class military professionals and leaders. It is the academy’s belief that the talents of discipline, effort, and intelligence originate from all corners of the nation, and so we strive hard to recruit our cadets from the same. A large amount of military indoctrination process is the immersion of our cadets in written literature…. We are proud that these same books shall be further useful as aids in the discovery and transfer of knowledge for its new recipients.”

On the other hand, Mayor Crisologo responded in her talk that “this book donation from the Philippine Military Academy will surely help alleviate the literacy deficiency of the people in the municipality of Tineg, Abra.”

In this activity, the LRC, PMA has donated 1,472 volumes of books and 84 assorted magazines to Tineg, Abra as well as 320 volumes of books and 80 copies of magazines for the province of Kalinga. These sums up to a total of 1,792 volumes of books and 164 copies of reading materials. The activity ended with the proper documentation and picture taking among the personnel and staff of PMA present during the activity headed by the PMA Superintendent with Mayor Crisologo of Tineg, Abra.

The Republic of the Philippines and the United States Financial Management Review headed by Mr. Jim Worm, Director, DSCA/Head of US Delegates and MGEN VICTOR V BAYANI AFP, Deputy Chief of Staff for Logistics, J4, AFP/Head of RP Delegates visited PMA last June 22- 26, 2015 for a 5- day conference. The RP-US FMR is an annual bilateral activity conducted by the AFP and the Defense Security Cooperation Agency (DSCA), the lead agency for the execution of US Security Cooperation Programs, together with the JUSMAG-Philippines, who is responsible for administering US Security Assistance to the Philippines.

The objective of the activity focuses primarily on monitoring and updating the financial status and the development of all security assistance and investments provided by the US Government to the Philippines through the Foreign Military Financing (FMF) Program.

The FMF Program is a critical foreign policy tool of the US that aims to improve military capabilities of key friendly countries to contribute to the international crisis response operations, including peacekeeping and humanitarian crisis.

The Philippines, as one of the eligible partners of the US, is a recipient of its annual grants through the FMF Program: thus, enabling the AFP to improve is defense capabilities and foster closer military relationships with the US.

Korean Community Pays Tribute to Filipino War Veterans

A Korean delegation headed by Park Hyoung Jun, President of United Korean Community Association Northern Philippines and Party visited the Philippine Military Academy on 25 June 2015 to pay tribute to Filipino soldiers who fought during the Korean War in the 1950s.

Upon arrival in the Academy, the delegation proceeded to the Korean War Memorial at Relics Point to render a flower offering in honor of the heroism and gallantly displayed by the Filipino soldiers who were members of Philippine Expeditionary Forces to Korea (PEFTOK).The PEFTOK was a contingent of the United Nations forces during the Korean War.

In the country, there are only three Korean War Memorials built, one found in Relics Point, Philippine Military Academy in Baguio City and the two others are found in Libingan ng mga Bayani at Fort Bonifacio, Taguig City and Marikina City, Metro Manila. The construction of the third war memorial in PMA is a fitting tribute to the graduates of the Academy for their courage in fighting for democracy in Korea.

Captain Conrado Yap a member of PMA Class '43 who fought gallantly and demonstrated valor and bravery during the Korean War and was posthumously awarded the Philippine Medal of Valor,the highest military award for combat. Through the years, PMA produced principled and competent military officers who have placed primacy on duty, courage, integrity and loyalty.

Officers and Enlisted Personnel recognized for their contribution in the PMA 15th Superintendent’s Cup

5 officers and 10 enlisted personnel were recognized last June 22 2015 during the Flag ceremony for their invaluable contribution during the recently held superintendent’s cup at PMA firing range last June 03-07 2015. LT COL NORBERTO P AROMIN JR (CAV) PA, MAJOR JOSEPH JEREMIAS CIRILO C DATOR (MI) PA, MAJ ALLAN M MARGARATA (MI) PA, MAJ RAUL V VERCELES (INF) PA, MAJ MARLON RAY BAMBICO PROF, TSG Gilbert P Bendo (COE) PA, TSG Ernie Lavarias PA, TSG Jayson Tafalla, SSG Michael Bacolod, TSG Greg Rabago, TSG Eliorde Candelaria, PO3rd Banjo Garcia, SSG Arnold Unabia, SSG Robert Periodico, and Sg John Ari Day-em all received the Military Merit Medal.

MSG Gil Quejada PAF (RET), Mr Samson Maguddatu, and Mr Manuel Manansala each received a plaque of recognition for their exemplary contribution and genuine support during the 15th Superintendent’s Cup

Their planning, coordination, range preparation, advertisement, and execution of the conduct of the Philippine Practical Shooting Association Level 3 Australia Qualifier Sanctioned Match, the officers and enlisted personnel qualified them to receive a military merit medal. They played a vital role in the over-all success of the activity. LTGEN OSCAR P LOPEZ, the PMA Superintendent lauded the organizers because despite the huge number of participants and the numerous activities which coincided with the whole process, the activity turned out well and those who organized did not let a single bullet stray from the target.

In the superintendent’s speech during the flag ceremony, he stated, “I believe the gun parts would be fitting substitute to the officers, non-commissioned officers, fellow uniformed individuals who have retired from the service and the civilians from Philippine Practical Shooting Association are the parts of the gun working together during the planning, coordination, range preparation, advertisement, and execution of the five-day 15th Superintendent’s Cup”

The Superintendent’s Cup broke the PPSA record for the past 3 years in terms of number of shooters who participated in an international qualifier match which was participated by 482 shooters from all over the country.

“I've been through hundreds of parades throughout my life. I must say, this parade is the most important of all to me.” – PDDG ESPINA

After serving the Filipino Nation for 38 years, PDDG LEOANRDO C. ESPINA, PNP OIC, addressed the Cadet Corps of the Philippines last June 20, 2015 at Philippine Military Academy, Fort Del Pilar.

In his speech, the PNP-OIC was nostalgic in sharing his experiences as a cadet and how he fondly remembers when he first stepped into the portals of the academy as a young man with 2 years background in college as a medical student in UP. Back then, he has no military background but has the sheer determination to hurdle the challenges of plebehood (freshman year in the academy).

The “boodles”, “take-lifes”, plebe knowledges, recitations during their mess, and 60 repetitions of squat thrusts that he and his mistahs endured and enjoyed during their formation in the academy. He reminded each member of the Cadet Corps that these were all influential in molding him in who he had become today, a true leader worth emulating by every future officer of both PNP and AFP.

He recollects how his upperclass years prepared him for the leader he had become today. “the acquisition of knowledge, physical education, and the enhancement of skills, attitudes and values required by the profession of arms. They made us all better men, a cut above the rest.Our Core values of courage, integrity and loyalty, honor and discipline, stability under pressure, the Honor Code, were all the more instilled in me as I prepared to face the challenges of the future as an Officer and leader of men. With the ideal life given to us here in PMA, I couldn't help but pause for a while with hesitation a day before graduation in 1981 to think, 'what is life going to be out there?” Said Espina.

He boldly declared at the end of his speech that he have lived a most fulfilling life as a selfless public servant. Wishing every cadet of the armed forces of the Philippines and those who would also join the CCAFP to follow or surpass what he has contributed to nation building, law enforcement, and peace and order.

PDDG ESPINA is a member of the DIMALUPIG PMA Class of 1981. He is the classmate of PMA Superintendent LTGEN OSCAR P LOPEZ and CSAFP GENERAL GREGORIO CATAPANG.

During the Testimonial Parade, he was also awarded of the Outstanding Alumnus Award. Friends and relatives of PDDG ESPINA flew from all over the Philippines to witness the ceremony. Sec Mar Roxas of DILG and Gov Mujiv Hattaman, ARMM Governor also attended the event.

PMA unveils Filipino-American Memorial

Memorializing common relationship and respect - present during the inauguration of Philippine-American Memorial were COMMO CARLOS AGUSTIN AFP (RET), CAPT JOHN CRANSTON USN, Former President, FIDEL V RAMOS, and PMA Superintendent, MAJ GEN OSCAR P LOPEZ.

Fort del Pilar, Baguio City – The Philippine Military Academy recently unveiled the Philippine-American Memorial to honor all Filipino and American fighters who gallantly fought for freedom and democracy of our country during World War II and to memorialize the endurance, resilience and strength of the Philippines and USA bilateral cooperation. The memorial was put up with the combined efforts of the United States Service Academy graduates who proposed to establish one inside Fort Del Pilar.

During the inauguration ceremony, no less than Former President Fidel V Ramos, himself an alumnus of West Point Military Academy, graced the occasion as the Guest Speaker. He pointed out several points that need to be accomplished in order for our country to achieve sustainable development. Also present were former AFP Chief of Staff General Narciso Abaya (Ret), also an alumnus of the West Point Military Academy and other alumni of the United States Naval Academy (USNA), United States Air Force Academy (USAFA), and United States Coast Guard Academy (USCGA). The guests together with their families were warmly welcomed by the Superintendent himself, MAJ GEN OSCAR P LOPEZ AFP.

On the part of the United States Government, US Ambassador to the Philippines was represented by CAPT JOHN CRANSTON of JUSMAG Phils. According to the Captain, “The combined experiences over the years illustrate that together both countries can overcome challenges and bring peace and hope to those in need. As both move forward, US will improve the lives of people through the Philippines. The ability of RP’s and US’s armed forces to work together to confront any difficulty by providing better and higher quality training. This is a path through which we will make a strong partnership even stronger and a close relationship even closer. Common friendship and respect of the American and Filipino nations to each other will continue to endure.”

333 Cadets take their place in CCAFP

The Cadet Corps, Armed Forces of the Philippines (CCAFP) formally integrated the 333 new plebes from New Cadets Battalion (NCBN) to the cadet corps in an Incorporation Rites on May 24, 2014 at the Borromeo Field, Philippine Military Academy, Fort del Pilar, Baguio City. Said occasion was graced by LTGEN HERNANDO DC A IRIBERRI AFP, the Commanding General, Philippine Army, as the Guest of Honor and Speaker.

Out of the 21,751 applicants and 1,455 successful examinees from all over the country, 345 of them, including a Thai cadet reported to the Academy on April 01, 2014 and was formally received through a Reception Rites. After completing the requirements for the training in the NCBN, 333 “plebes” composed of 241 males and 92 females made it to the Incorporation Rites which formally signaled the joining of the members of PMA Class 2018 to the rest of the classes of CCAFP.

56th Commanding General of the Philippine Army Inspires CCAFP. Recalls his Incorporation Day

After graduating from the Academy in 1983, LTGEN HERNANDO DCA IRIBERRI AFP, for the first time, as the Commanding General of the Philippine Army, addressed the Cadet Corps, Armed Forces of the Philippines (CCAFP) during the Incorporation Rites of the PMA Class 2018 held at Fort Del Pilar, Baguio City. He recognized the parents and relatives of the cadets thanking them for their effort in nurturing their sons and daughter on the values of leadership and nationalism.

In his speech, he defined Incorporation Rite as a sign of inner wholeness, a sense of completeness, a satisfying inclusiveness. During the parade, the families of each cadet has witnessed how their son or daughter has emerged to be “a worthy and better person and looking extreme and oozing with sex appeal, after the almost 53 days of challenging and demanding training, Isolation from family and friends, stripped and broken down ego”.

LTGEN IRIBERRI recalled his happy-go-lucky days during his younger years. He was a carefree student just like any regular teenager fresh out of high school, until he found himself taking the PMA Entrance Examination. The Commanding General of the Philippine Army could only proudly share to the Cadet Corps how he became the apple of his father’s eyes after learning that he passed the PMA Exam. And on same occasion, when he was the very plebe standing on the Borromeo Field for their Incorporation Rite, he remembers how his father’s eyes glistened, how his father’s feelings of disappointment and shame, turned to pride and admiration.

The CGPA reminded the future officers of the AFP to set their expectations higher and always set their bars higher. Incorporation is a reminder for the cadets to aim high to succeed reminding them that three decades from now, one of them will also be addressing the CCAFP, on such occasions such as the Incorporation Rite, and that will be a certainty.

PMA supports University of the Cordilleras- CSR Project H.E.L.E.N.

In partnership with the University of Cordilleras (UC), the Cadet Corps, Armed Forces of the Philippines (CCAFP) participated in the Book Donation Project on May 17, 2014 at Lingayen Pangasinan. The Book Donation is spearheaded by UC-CSR Project H.E.L.E.N. under its education component which seeks to address the need of updating the current catalog of Public School libraries in the region. Twenty three (23) elementary and high schools, including the Provincial Library were the beneficiaries of the project. During the said activity, 25,000 pieces of books were distributed. The books came from the Children International which has been a partner of UC in all its book donation activities.

Philippine Military Academy Welcomes Ayala Corp Chairman Emeritus

Ayala Corporation Chairman Emeritus Jaime Zobel De Ayala delivered a lecture before the Cadet Corps Armed Forces of the Philippines on May 11, 2014. He inspired the cadets through the story of his life, sharing with them his insights on leadership and motivating them to excel in all their endeavors.

PMA Class 62 Retraces Roots

Together with their wives and children, alumni members of the PMA Class ‘62 celebrated their 52nd Anniversary in order for them to reminisce their experience in the Academy. On April 27, 2014, a dinner, together with the Assistant Superintendent, BRIGADIER GENERAL ANDRE M COSTALES AFP, was held at the Ambassador V. Del Rosario Hall 1, Baguio Country Club. Dubbed as “Sentimental Journey Dinner”, members of the Class 62 recollected their memories as plebes, cadets, and officers of the Armed Forces of the Philippines.

Minister Wijiratne Mendis,Chargé d' Affaires Sri Lanka Embassy,Visits PMA

The Academy is honored with the visit of Minister Wijiratne Mendis, Chargé d' Affaires Sri Lanka Embassy. She was welcomed by Senior Officers of PMA, headed by BGEN ANDRE M COSTALES AFP, Assistant Superintendent.

PMA Participates in NDRRMC 1st Quarter Nationwide Simultaneous Earthquake Drill

Employees and Staff from Philippine Military Academy, in coordination with OCD-CAR, participated in the 1st quarter Nationwide Simultaneous Earthquake Drill last April 24,2014 9 am. The aim of the activity is to enhance the preparedness of the Command and to formulate plans and standardize the reporting system to a specific calamity or disaster.

A day prior to the drill, enlisted personnel and civilian employees attended the information drive at Lopez Hall conducted by the Office of the Civil Defense – CAR, National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council, and Bureau of Fire Protection to properly brief participants on how to take the activity seriously given that natural disasters can not only destroy properties but also claim lives.

During the drill, death, injuries, and fire were simulated and were addressed by the Academy’s Disaster Response Task Group headed by LT COL JOEL N SOBRERA PA. After the drill, participants were appraised on the positive features of PMA’s responsiveness. However, NDRRMC representative cited a few points to improve on as an institution stating that no drill is perfect. The institution welcomed the suggestions from the representatives and would include the recommendations for future drills.

In connection with the said drill, Chief, Public Affairs Office, MAJOR AGNES LYNNETTE A FLORES, PROF, stated that “Natural disasters cannot be prevented. However, the impacts can be lessened with proper planning and notification systems. Through this drill, higher cost in property damage and loss of human life can be prevented. Planning requires the cooperation of a network of national and local officials working with Line agencies like the DILG and DND, to assess risks and implement changes where necessary”. Recognizing such need, PMA will continue to undertake measures that will ensure the preparedness of the Academy for any eventualities.

Honorable Efren Q. Fernandez visits the Academy

The Assistant Secretary for Human Resource of Department of National Defense, Honorable Efren Fernandez, recently visited the Academy on April 28, 2014. He was welcomed by BGEN ANDRE M COSTALES AFP, Assistant Superintendent.

PMA Participates in the commemoration of Liberation of Baguio

Together with officers from PMA and representatives from City of Baguio, war veterans celebrated the liberation of the city from Japanese Occupation on April 27, 2014 at the Veterans Park, Baguio City. In the photo are Assistant Superintendent, BGEN ANDRE M COSTALES JR AFP, Rep Nicasio Aliping, Lone District of Baguio and Veterans from 66th Infantry. The 66th infantry were vital in the liberation of the city during the Japanese-American War.

PMA Cadets “Back to Base” after Four-week Cruise

The members of the PMA SALAKNIB Class 2017 are back to PMA after a four-week cruise designed for the cadets to visit places in the country especially the south. Dubbed as the southern Cruise, The third class cadets have toured Palawan, Zamboanga, Davao, Cebu and Corregidor with the purpose of providing them experiential learning of skills they will be needing once they become officers of the AFP.

During the cruise, cadets were oriented in the various responsibilities of each unit of the Armed Forces of The Philippines. With visit to the different units of the AFP, the cadets were able to appreciate the workings of the organization which they will be joining upon their graduation from PMA.

The cadets also showcased their finest skills in marching and military formations through Silent Drill Exhibition in front of different crowds from across the country. They also had the chance to meet with their civilian counterparts, LGU officials and Host Parent Association through interactions programmed for their visit.

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