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Cadet Organizations

The training of a cadet recognizes that to be a successful and effective leader, the cadet's total personality must undergo a transformational change.

The young individual who enters the Academy finds several opportunities and outlets by which all his potentials and talents may be developed. To allow for this type of personal development cadets may join any of the following cadet organizations:

Academy Scribe

A cadet can develop and enhance his literary and writing skills by joining the Academy Scribe. The purpose of the Scribe is to keep a continuing record of all events that form part of the history of the Cadet Corps in particular and the Philippine Military Academy as a whole.

Corps and Boards

Cadets can also be part of the Corps Board and Staff. Just like any civilian university, the cadets also have their own school paper, the Corps Magazine. This official organ is published by the Corps Board which serves as a venue for developing journalistic and literary skills of the cadets. Any cadet can join the Corps Board.

The firstclass members are designated various editorial positions; secondclass members are designated as editorial assistants to the firstclassmen; and the thirdclass and fourthclass cadet members serve as underclass assistants.

Sword Board And Staff

This Board is responsible for the production and publication of the annual yearbook, "The Sword." The editor-in-chief is a firstclass cadet who supervises a staff composed of two representatives from each class from each company.

Cadet Speakers Board

Cadets who want to perfect their oral communication skills, they may join this Board. The Cadet Speakers Board is a group of cadets who act as narrators during drills, ceremonies, and other Corps activities.

Discussion And Debate Society

This society is another organization which cadets may join to improve on their oral communication skills. The Society is organized to develop the public speaking skills of the cadets. Here, members participate in debates with debate groups of other civilian universities.

Dialectic Society

The terpsichorean talents of the cadets are enhanced through membership in the Cultural and Arts Club which is also known as the Dialectic Society. The club aims to develop dramatic, musical, and stage talents of the cadets.

Its major project is the traditional 100th Nite Show. Other cadet stage shows are also presented during the year by the Dialectic Society.

Glee Club and the Cadet Combo

The Glee Club and the Cadet Combo seek to develop and enhance the musical and singing talents of the cadets.

Hobby Clubs

Hobbies can be pursued by cadets by joining any of the following clubs:

Physical Fitness Club

Lawn Tennis
Sepak Takraw
Table Tennis
Track and Field

Religious Organizations

The religious beliefs and the spiritual growth of the cadets find expression in the following groups:

Philippine Military Academy

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Philippines 2600

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