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PMA Entrance Examination

The PMA Entrance Examination aims to measure the mental ability of applicants in the areas of MATH (Algebra and Geometry), ENGLISH (Grammar, Composition, and Reading and Comprehension) and Abstract Reasoning which is called SPMA (Verbal and Numerical Reasoning and Pattern Analysis).

Sample Problem:


QUESTION: In the sentence, “Grammar is a means of creating and understanding any English sentence.” English is a ___.

                         (A) collective noun

                         (B) concrete noun

                         (C) mass noun

                         (D) proper noun

                         (E) none of the above

ANSWER: English is a proper noun. The correct answer is choice letter (D).

QUESTION: An owl sees much _________ at night than a hawk does.

                         (A) more clearly

                         (B) more clear

                         (C) clearly

                         (D) clear

                         (E) clearest

ANSWER: In the above statement, more clearly will make the sentence correct. The correct answer is choice letter (A).


QUESTION: How many pencils can you buy with P31.50 if two pencils cost P9.00?

(A)     4        (B)     5        (C)      6        (D)     7        (E)      8

ANSWER: Since two pencils cost P9.00, P31.50 can buy 7 pencils at P4.50 each. The correct answer is 7 corresponding to choice letter (D).

QUESTION: In any triangle, the sum of its interior angles is ___.

(A)   45°      (B)   90°      (C)   180°      (D)   270°      (E)    360°

ANSWER: The sum of the interior angles of any triangle is 180° degrees. The right answer corresponds to choice letter (C).


QUESTION: 1     2     3     4     _____

(A)   1      (B)   3      (C)   5      (D)   6      (E)    7

ANSWER: The numbers are arranged in chronological sequence from 1 to 4 without skipping any number. The next number in the sequence should be 5. The correct answer is choice letter (C).



ANSWER: The Problem Figures show a series or pattern in the increase of the number of leaves from the first to the third figure. The next figure in the series is the one with four leaves. The correct answer is choice letter (A).

DO's and DON'Ts

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The Following Acts Will Cause You To Be Disqualified:

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